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Healing Tantra Therapy

Experience authentic Tantra and therapeutic touch, attain a heightened level of physical and emotional connection with yourself.


Healing Through Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage San Francisco practitioner Leela is a highly trained Tantric Massage Therapist based in the Bay Area who specializes in a range of techniques such as Sacred Sensuality, Sensual Awareness and Healing, Ecstatic Bodywork, and Counseling. You can trust that you’ll receive compassionate and nurturing care under Leela’s guidance.

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How Sessions Can Help

Do you yearn to delve deeper into your body and explore your sensuality?

Are you searching for a massage that nourishes your entire being – mind, body and soul?

Do you desire a more profound connection with your partner?

Would you like to expand your sensual experiences and enrich your intimate life?

Do you seek to heal from past traumas or overcome limiting beliefs around sensuality?

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Sensuality is an inherent part of your physical being, and Leela can help you to open up your body and senses to allow your tantric energy to flow naturally. 

Her approach to tantric massage includes counseling, conscious touch, tantric bodywork, energy work, awareness exercises, meditation, and breath work.

Once we have reconnected with your sensual energy, we can explore and cultivate the way it moves through your body. 

Reconnecting with and accepting your sensuality can significantly enhance your overall well-being, including your emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Tantra is the exploration of the consciousness, opening yourself to allow pleasure energy and spirit to flow through you freely and fully.


Tantric Massage Offerings

Tantra For Men

Leela can equip you with potent techniques to tackle issues like PE (premature ejaculation) or ED (erectile dysfunction), as well as teach you how to circulate energy throughout your body to enhance your vitality. These techniques can also help you heal from past traumas that may still linger in your body and boost your self-esteem.

Tantra For Women

Leela offers a transformative experience for women, aiding in the release of trauma and stagnant energy, and realigning them with divine energy. Through this powerful healing massage, women can restore their mind, body, and soul, and activate potent life-force energy while shedding any trauma from the past.

Tantra For Couples

Are you wanting to make significant improvements in your relationship? Are you struggling with intimacy issues that traditional therapy has been unable to resolve? Would you and your partner like to explore the sacred art of Tantra together? Allow me to offer a secure and non-judgmental space to work through your vulnerable concerns.

Want to experience a session?

If you’re curious to see if Tantric Massage can help you or your relationship, please fill in the contact form, providing information on what you would like help with, and I will get back to you ASAP 🙂



Tantra San Francisco


Tantric Massage San Francisco